Napkins and Brownies

“I’m proud of you.”


Abed: Troy, make me proud: be the first black man to make it to the end.
Troy: I love you.
Abed: I know.
Zombie episode, for the win.


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My heart


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I was showing my mom how her Comcast OnDemand worked, including how you could fast forward through a show. Her response: “What? Well, where are all those minutes going?”
IdioTech - ”Where do the minutes go?” (via collegehumor)

They’re running far, far away


I am just buzzed enough to say I may have posted semi-lesbian fanfic on my DA. Interested? Message me! A link shall be given and you can gently rip the writer in me a new hole. GENTLY.

So perfect.
Just. Yes.

So perfect.

Just. Yes.